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Welcome to Sauna King - home for all your Sauna, Steam and Shower products

A Sauna or Steam Bath from Sauna King is an investment in greater wellbeing that provides a guaranteed return, year after year.
Sauna King are the official Tylo Distributors for Southern Africa!

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The sauna with all it's traditions
has a special place in our hearts

The steady increase in the popularity of saunas is a sign of the times : more and more people are taking their health and well-being seriously. The sauna has become a natural part of everyday life, integrated into our balanced and wholistic lifestyles. A haven in the home where family and friends can meet to relax after a work-out in the gym, a refuge where you can unwind at the end of a long ...


Steam Generators

Tylo steam generators - the choice of of professionals

Tylo Steam generators are robust and reliable - compact little powerhouses, specially built to cope with the demanding conditions in public facilities such as hotels, gyms and swimming baths. In environments like these, where generators are working more or less round the clock, maintenance and service must not take a minute longer than necessary. This is why we have made dependability ...


Sauna Heaters

Distributors for South Africa of
the famous Tylo Sauna heaters

Saunas are enjoyed at temperatures of between 75C and 110C, with a relative humidity of 5-35%. Try a Dry sauna 75C - 110C with 5-15% humidity or pour a few ladles onto the sauna stones for a Wet sauna 75C - 85C with 20 - 35% humidity. Tylo sauna heaters are the right choice for aficionados of traditional sauna bathing and are the heart and the key to how you can enjoy your home spa in several ways.



Its those extra little touches that
add personality to a sauna

Our accessory range includes everything from classic wooden favourites to the very latest in state-of-the-art climate control equipment, all with the same emphasis on safety, comfort and convenience that has become the hallmark of Tylo and Sauna King! Enjoy a world where care slips away and relax in the warm embrace of soothing steam enhanced with exotic fragrances.

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Neoqi hydrotherapy bathsNeoQi Hydrotherapy Baths

NeoQi offers a variety of conceptual solutions for physical therapy, aesthetic medicine, wellness and spa industry, hardware cosmetology and design. NeoQi is producing and developing innovative body care equipment that allow users to enjoy various spa treatments, for example, steam and infrared sauna, aromatherapy, Vichy shower, massage and hydrotherapy.

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